Monday, August 9, 2010

Circle of Friends Blogger Award

I received this wonderful award from Catherine A. Winn at The Writing RoomThanks Catherine! My job is to pass it on to five other bloggers.

Renae at The Write Groove 
Debbie at Writing Soup
Michelle at Michelle Teacress 


Renae said...

OmiAmy! Thank you! This is the first blogger award I've ever received. I was so shocked to see my name on your list! (One teensy correction - my blog's title is THE WRITE GROOVE, a little play on words WRITE vs. RIGHT?)

Anyway, thanks again, and what do I do now? Copy and paste?

Loves ya, rbs

Amy Jo Lavin said...

Oops! Sorry Renae. I've fixed it!

MT said...

What a sweetie pie! Thank you for the award. I'll go put it on my 'blog love' page right now. ;)