Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Why Do You Write?

I spent the past week at the Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers conference (WIFYR).  It put me on a rollercoaster of emotions.  Being around so many fabulous published and pre-published authors made me feel inferior at times.  

Several presenters asked the following question: Why do you write?  I thought it would be interesting to find out why everyone writes.  I admit this is somewhat selfish of me because I really could use the inspiration right now (but I doubt I'm the only one who could be lifted up from other people's examples).

Here's my answer to the question: Why do you write?  I write because: 
  • I have stories to tell.
  • I like the sense of accomplishment I feel after finishing a first draft.
  • It's a rush of excitement when characters or scenes write themselves.
  • When I'm not writing, I can't stop thinking about my characters.
  • Even though it's hard at times, I really enjoy writing. 
So now it's your turn: Why do you write?


Morgan said...

Thank you for your words, I feel the same way when I write! And I love this new meme.

Shannon Whitney Messenger said...

Aw, this is a great meme. Sadly I have my next couple of weeks worth of blog posts preplanned (and no, I'm not usually that organized. It's all the WriteOnCon stuff, plus I'm in the middle of an author week) so I won't be able to participate. But I look forward to reading everyone else's posts. :)

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

I won't be doing the MEME but I just wanted to say that I write because I love it. The torture, the hair pulling, the moments when things click and my fingers are tippy-tapping across the keyboard. I especially love it when someone reads the finished product and says, "This was good," and means it.

Anonymous said...

I am revealing my ignorance, I know, but what is a MEME?

Thanks! Renae

Marcia said...

Because I was born that way. :)

MT said...

I was at WIFYR too. I wish I would have recognized you! It was great, wasn't it? :)

Jennifer Shirk said...

I agree with all your reasons!!

(It certainly isn't because of the money) LOL!