Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Big "R"

Revision. It's a word that makes my students groan ... every time. To them, when they finish a first draft, it's their last draft. I used to be the same. Mostly because it was a writing assignment that I didn't enjoy. Once I got to the final period, I was finished. Period. :)

Not anymore. I've learned to love revision. It's my chance to fine tune every word, phrase, sentence, paragraph, and so on. I've lost count of how many times I've revised the first 1-2 pages of my manuscript. I jumped into the hook faster, I changed the tense from the past to the present to the past again, I made it less telling and more showing, etc. Each time I revise, I'm confident that it's so much better.

And then I discover another error I've made.
Sometimes I wonder if the revision will ever end. I know that my manuscript needs to be the best it can possibly be before I seek representation and/or publication.

So, here's my question to my wise readers: How do I know when my revision is finished? Or will it ever finish? Will I ever be fully satisfied? I know, that ended up being more than one question, but I'd really love some advice!

In the meantime, I'm sure I find find something else to revise.


Andria said...

I think you're done with revision when your manuscript gets published. Until then, I don't think you'll be done. But I don't know anything really. I'd personally like some advice on finishing the stupid novel in the first place! Argh!

Jessica Hill said...
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